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3 Storytelling Secrets to Hook Your Audience

‍Simple Techniques for Memorable Characters, Tough Choices, and Powerful Impact‍"Humans are storytelling animals. We crave stories... Read below

International Women's Day: Learning From My Allyship Misstep

‍A Story of Unintended Bias and the Power of Perspective‍ "The road to hell is paved with... Read below

The DOR Key That Opens Your Door to Success and Fulfillment

‍Mastering Discipline, Order, and Rules for a More Fulfilling Life‍ "True freedom is impossible without a mind made free by... Read below

Is Your Existence Merely a Digital Echo? Unveiling the Simulation Hypothesis

‍The Hidden Truth That Lies Before Your Eyes‍ "If our brains are biological computers, and if our computers can now simulate minds, then...Read below

5 Mental Blind Spots Holding You Back (And How to Expand Your Perception)

‍Break Free From Limiting Thinking Patterns And Experience Life More Fully With These Practical Solutions.‍ "The world we experience is not the same as... Read Below

Apple Vision is the new Grail for augmented reality: here are 5 reality checks before you dive in.

‍There are potential limitations to such a technology in human perception.‍ "We live in a world where we have a laser focus on... Read below

You Don't Need To Be A CEO To Have A Board Of Advisors.

‍Create Your Own. Yes, You Can Do That As Your Chief Everything Officer. ‍ “The best help you can get is someone who genuinely cares and... Read below

The VUCA World Has Changed: Here Are The 3 New Rules Of VUCA 2.0

‍VUCA is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous‍“ The greater the difficulty, the more glory in surmounting... Read below

Three short stories about the little things that get you caught. 

‍Sometimes, you just have to let it go. Other times, you should address it right away. Trust me, I have been there.‍ "The more you dig, the more you... Read below

Be a lazy side hustler like me: use these three strategies to multiply your impact.

‍Just because it is called hustle does not mean it should be hard.‍ “Empty your mind. Be formless. Shapeless. Like water... Read below

The PDP of your future is all about asking the right questions.

‍Spoiler alert: PDP Is Not a Product Development Plan.‍ “I can't change the direction of the wind, but... Read Below

The Spotlight Versus The Flat Light Consciousness: The White Light Versus The Black Knight Experiences.

‍From Focused Attention To Expansive Awareness: Illuminating The Spectrum Of Your Existence.‍"The journey from spotlight consciousness... Read below
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