The Spotlight Versus The Flat Light Consciousness: The White Light Versus The Black Knight Experiences.

‍From Focused Attention To Expansive Awareness: Illuminating The Spectrum Of Your Existence.‍"The journey from spotlight consciousness... Read below

200 Voices, 10 Values: Guiding Lights for a Brighter Future For You And Me

‍Wisdom from Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, and More to Inspire Your Journey‍ "The things that matter are not... Read below

Elevating Your Writing: Embracing the Secret Ingredient in Story Creation

‍There is no going back after entering that new ERA.‍ “Stories are about people, the things that happen to them, and how they react to it.”... Read Below

The Power of the Four Keys: Building a Strong Foundation for a Good Life

‍I have searched for them for years, so you don’t have to. “Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow... Read below

The Human Game: Why We Are All Players In The Ultimate Experience

The Power of Balance: Striking the Perfect Ratio of Liberty and License... Read Below

The Power of Leveraging VIP Relationships for Community Success

‍The Secret to Thriving Communities: Focusing on These Three Areas‍ "There is no power for change greater than... Read below

The Journey to Significance: Why You Need a Reliable System to Succeed

‍Or The Myth of Success And Why Luck and Skills Aren't Everything‍ “Many people measure their success... Read Below

The Importance of MPH: Why it's Not Just About Speed

‍Are you using the right metrics regarding the velocity of life?‍"What I seek to accomplish is simply to serve with my feeble capacity truth and... Read below

What are the 3 figures to keep in mind to figure it out?

In 2020, most companies moved to the digital world regarding the working environment. At Airbus, for example, a login is created for each user, called the user ID that... Read below

Do you have these 3 “P” in your unconscious bias cocktail?

Each time I go to the bar, I have the same discussion with the bartender. Bartender: What can I serve you? Me: I don’t drink alcohol. What kind of cocktails “sin” alcohol do you... Read below

Why is it so hard to find funding to fight Covid-19 in Africa?

Him: I don’t know who I am talking to when I deal with you, Ahmadou. Me: I don’t understand; you are talking to me, Ahmadou, the guy you saw back in January 2020 in Dakar (Senegal). Read below

Why Black Lives Matter to Me?

This is my shortest article so far.‍ George Floyd, another Black victim of Police brutality!‍ In this video, I reflect on #BlackLivesMatter and much more! Watch Below
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