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Is Your Existence Merely a Digital Echo? Unveiling the Simulation Hypothesis

‍The Hidden Truth That Lies Before Your Eyes‍ "If our brains are biological computers, and if our computers can now simulate minds, then...Read below

Apple Vision is the new Grail for augmented reality: here are 5 reality checks before you dive in.

‍There are potential limitations to such a technology in human perception.‍ "We live in a world where we have a laser focus on... Read below

Why do I love eating GLAASS, and you do too?

Toulouse, France, January 2020; It has been almost 2.5 years now, He said. Yes, I know, I replied. Why do you keep on insisting that I move on? I continued. Him: You know why... Read below

What are the 5 steps I use as EDITS in my life?

☝🏾Where is Ahmadou?, my mother would ask when I was younger in Dakar, Senegal. 📺 He is at Karim’s house, watching TV again, would say my sister Ramatoulaye. 👉🏾 When I was little, I would squat at my best friend’s Karim... Read below

What is the story behind the genesis of MABACO?

☑️ Toulouse, France, Monday, 30th of March, 2020 ⚙️ The Airbus Humanity Lab is running a hackathon to develop solutions against Covid-19. 👁‍🗨 The focus is on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and ventilators. We have... Read below

Why is 3 more effective than 2 in your decision-making?

If you want to make better decisions, continue reading. In addition, you will learn more about quantum computing.‍What’s the link?‍In classical computers, all the information is stored in a series of “0” and “1”. It’s a binary world... Read below
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