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International Women's Day: Learning From My Allyship Misstep

‍A Story of Unintended Bias and the Power of Perspective‍ "The road to hell is paved with... Read below

10 Inspiring Quotes to Help You Find Your Mojo (and Live a More Fulfilling Life!)

‍Are you struggling to find motivation? These wise words can help you overcome challenges, seize the day, and live a life that matters... Read Below

Three short stories about the little things that get you caught. 

‍Sometimes, you just have to let it go. Other times, you should address it right away. Trust me, I have been there.‍ "The more you dig, the more you... Read below

Airbus Africa Community Forum 2019: The Beats of Africa!

“Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter.” African Proverb‍Airbus is a diverse and multicultural company. So if you look long enough, you will always find someone with similar cultural and... Read below

When was the last time you checked your EGO?

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by the Airbus Leadership University team, Nelida Al Husseini and Paul Conway, to participate in their yearly event: “Partners’ days,” on the Toulouse campus. It’s a two days yearly event... Read below

What is your DIR in life?

If you want to know what DIR stands for me, continue reading.‍D as DepartureIn the minds of a lot of Senegalese and African young people, leaving the continent was the only way to strive for a better life and to support their... Read below
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