Hey, I'm Mad. I am a Dad.

I am on a journey to self-discovery.
I am a part-time content creator dad.
I am the Dad of least resistance.
How can I be of service to you?

Certified Fresh Brain Food!

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Reignite Your Spark: 5 Powerful Steps to Unleash Your Inner Wonder and Achieve Your Dreams

‍Lost Your Sense of Wonder? How to Reclaim Curiosity and Crush Your Dreams (Even as an... ead below

‍Unleashing Your Full Potential: Exploring the Seven Forms of Intelligence

‍A Comprehensive Guide to Lynn White's Framework for Understanding Intelligence‍ "Intelligence is not a single entity, but rather a constellation of... Read below

The Spotlight Versus The Flat Light Consciousness: The White Light Versus The Black Knight Experiences.

‍From Focused Attention To Expansive Awareness: Illuminating The Spectrum Of Your Existence.‍"The journey from spotlight consciousness... Read below

Is Time Really Speeding Up? Understanding Your Changing Perception of Time

‍Explore the science behind our perception of time and learn how to create lasting memories and live a more... Read below

200 Voices, 10 Values: Guiding Lights for a Brighter Future For You And Me

‍Wisdom from Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, and More to Inspire Your Journey‍ "The things that matter are not... Read below

Stuck In A Boredom-Suffering Cycle? How To Find Happiness Beyond The Pendulum

‍Discover why happiness isn't Just About Sunshine And Rainbows. Learn How To... Read Below

Is Life a Grind or a Game? Reframe Your Thinking for More Fun and Fulfillment

‍Discover the secret to approaching life with a playful spirit, overcoming challenges, and achieving your goals‍" We don't stop... Read Below

Is Your Existence Merely a Digital Echo? Unveiling the Simulation Hypothesis

‍The Hidden Truth That Lies Before Your Eyes‍ "If our brains are biological computers, and if our computers can now simulate minds, then...Read below

Apply those 9 rules of life to become a priority in their life.

‍Throw all those manipulative rules in the garbage. ‍“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is... Read below

International Women's Day: Learning From My Allyship Misstep

‍A Story of Unintended Bias and the Power of Perspective‍ "The road to hell is paved with... Read below

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