How to Break Down Success into Manageable Goals: A Practical Guide

February 26, 2024
Ahmadou DIALLO

Improve What You Are Doing While Learning.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics

You can ask many successful people a definition of success. They will give you as many definitions as possible. 

You will be overwhelmed by various answers if you ask them the key to their success.

You and I, deep down, are looking for answers. Day in and day out, we are changing our success metrics and how to achieve it. 

We go from one successful author to another. We jump from one idol to another. We are exhausted at the end of the day. 

We are thirsty yet wandering in the desert, looking for the oasis of success. 

I am exhausted. Each day, someone else is successful. I feel like I am alone. I am hustling to find my definition of success. 

More importantly, I have found the key ingredients I can apply systematically to achieve successful outcomes each time. 

First thing first. Let me define what success means to me. 

To me, you build success on the foundations of health. It is more a journey than a destination. I am successful because I can do things today that I could not do yesterday.

I am successful because I have defined what is enough for me. I am successful because I am not striving for more. I am successful because I am content with less. 

I am successful because I am always learning. 

Here are the three ingredients for any successful endeavor. Here is the DIL with the devil of success:

1. Doing

2. Improving

3. Learning

Yes, I know. It is so evident that you have your doubts. Like a donut, you feel like there is a big hole in my reasoning. Yet that emptiness is their whole system. 

Just bear with me. You will not be disappointed.

1. Doing

You want success more in theory than in practice. You see it like a fantasy. You eat it like candy bars. You imagine it. You never overcome the first step to it. 

You procrastinate. You iterate from one blueprint to another. You confuse motion with movement. You are still, but you still think that you are moving. 

You think North. You act South. You react East. You shrink West. You have no cardinal star. You 

Action kills fear. Done is better than perfect. Start now. Start where you are. Start like there is no tomorrow. 

Your success is on the other side of the movement. Each rep will get you closer to that edge. There is no shortcut. You have to hypercut your way through resistance.

Plant the seeds now. Rain, hail, or shine, there is no excuse. 

Do it now. Do it here. Do it with what you have. Keep doing it. 

2. Improving

You are doing it. Great. No result is coming. Only the wind is blowing. Your mind is glowing. You get no feedback. You continue to push back. 

Yes, there is no resistance. You feel like you are in a trance. Yet alone, you are dancing. You do it the same way. You are deaf to the way of the universe. You are blind at the core of your mind. You are insensitive to the scars on your skin. 

Listen. Open your mind. Dance to the symphony of the universe. Listen. The universe has a song for you. Improve your steps. Do not just increase your reps.

Success is a thirsty companion. You have to constantly water it with more today than yesterday. It only drinks blood—the sweaty blood of your daily improvements.

Success is a windmill. It needs more blow. Increase your flow daily. Don’t just do it mindlessly. Do it also smartly. 

Do it better today than yesterday. That is the only way to play the infinite game of life.

3. Learning

You think you know it all. You think you have it all. You are flooded with your complacency. You are an empty whole fooled by your ignorant agency. 

You close your mind while the score is still playing. You think you are a cactus in a garden. Yet you are a flower in the desert. 

You close the tap. You are slapped by drought because you are running out of water. You think dessert. You see desert. 

Learning is the ultimate breathing. There is a holding on it. You will just suffocate. You avoid it. You will die. 

You cannot live without it. Learn to learn. Unlearn what you have learned. 

Learn more. Earn more. Be more successful. 

Learn now. Learn more. Learn today. Keep learning tomorrow.  Learning is your currency. You have to pay it forward. 

Don’t play like a fool. You will pay full price. Do learn. Do breathe. Do Learn again. Learn in. Learn out.

Final Thoughts

Success is a memory. Everybody who experienced it can share with you their tempered version of it. Success is a mirage. Success is a fly. You can try to chase it. It will flee from your sight. 

S: You are burned out. You are still hungry for success. You change the recipe every day. Instead of cooking, you are just chasing new ingredients. 

While time flies, you are surrounded by bad flies. You attract them with your bad sweat. You are thirsty. You have not showered for a day. At least you did not clean your mind. 

Success can be processed, but not like that bad food. You can possess it if you harness the power of the tree.

Success is a tree. Doing is fertilizer for the soil. Improving is the sun lights. Learning is the water pipe. Yet that tree may not bear any fruit. 

In the end, it will grow. It will bear something for you. It will create a shade for you to rest, reset, and reflect. That is guaranteed. 

Maybe you have been looking for the fruit while all you really need is a shade. Plant that successful tree. 

You will be free. Maybe. Eventually. Organically.

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